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Who we are

We are a marketing company

Who we areWe are a marketing companyAmillidiusWho we areWe are a marketing companyAmillidius
Who we are

We are a marketing company

Amillidius is an international multi-profile advertising company that provides marketing solutions for businesses in Ukraine and abroad, in b2b and b2c formats.

The history of our company originates in Europe, where a group of colleagues and like-minded people, after successful experience in raising the reputation of a large company, decided not to stop there. So in 2010, the advertising company Amillidius appeared.

The founder and ideological inspirer of Amillidius is Bogdan Terzi, a well-known Ukrainian marketer and business expert.
Our company covers almost all areas of the digital industry and consists of 8 departments: the creative department, SEO department, search engine reputation management (SERM) department, online-PR department, SMM department and SMO, IT department, contextual advertising department and production studio.

Our offices are located in Poland and Ukraine. More than 100 qualified, experienced Amillidius employees provide a full range of marketing services to customers from 15 countries.

The effective work of Amillidius fully justifies the name of the company - an abbreviation, which is based on our slogan: “Advertising mechanisms, impersonated and leading live innovations - a distinctive, ingenious, unfailing service”.

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