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Who we are

We are a marketing company

Who we areWe are a marketing companyAmillidiusWho we areWe are a marketing companyAmillidius
Who we are

We are a marketing company

Amillidius is an international multi-profile advertising company that provides marketing solutions for businesses in Ukraine and abroad, in b2b and b2c formats.

The history of our company originates in Europe, where a group of colleagues and like-minded people, after successful experience in raising the reputation of a large company, decided not to stop there. So the advertising company Amillidius appeared.

The founder and leader of Amillidius is Bogdan Terzi, a well-known Ukrainian marketer and business expert. The CEO of the company in Europe is a business expert and producer Elvira Gavrilova.
Our company covers almost all areas of the digital industry and consists of 8 departments: the creative department, SEO department, search engine reputation management (SERM) department, online-PR department, SMM department and SMO, IT department, contextual advertising department and production studio.

Our offices are located in different countries of the world. More than 100 qualified, experienced Amillidius employees provide a full range of marketing services to customers from 15 countries.

The effective work of Amillidius fully justifies the name of the company - an abbreviation, which is based on our slogan: “Advertising mechanisms, impersonated and leading live innovations - a distinctive, ingenious, unfailing service”.


Bogdan Terzi

Head of the advertising company Amillidius, expert in marketing, business management and finance
Bogdan Terzi — the creator and CEO of the international advertising company Amillidius, marketing specialist, business and finance management expert, the author of the numerous publications on the media. His book The Entrepreneur's ABC has become the guidelines for those aspiring to start and develop their own business. In Amillidius, he implements the systematic approach to the marketing and places particular emphasis on the company’s social mission: “At our free seminars in marketing, we prevent the entrepreneurs from making mistakes, arming every student with the robust system of business management.”

Elvira Gavrilova

CEO of Amillidius in Europe
Elvira Gavrilova — the CEO of the international advertising company Amillidius in Europe, producer of numerous projects connected both with large business and personal brand promotion. “Good companies and good people should be acknowledged” is her professional motto. She works really hard to make this motto true and helps her customers move toward their success.

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