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Amillidius's work on the project


Fruitful cooperation between Amillidius marketing company and Money Plus magazine has been going on for several years. Before applying to this marketing agency, “Money Plus” was just a newspaper, but the need to change and develop something led them to a decision in 2015 to turn to professionals for promotion and promotion of reputation. Cooperation began with the decision to rebrand and develop the publication.


After 3 months of working together, a full rebranding of the publication was carried out and “Money Plus” became a magazine. After that, Amillidius experts launched an active activity, and by 2017 “Money Plus” transformed into the business gloss Financoff.
Due to the effective activity of Amillidius, the magazine has taken a leading position in its segment, which it holds to this day. The leading politicians of the country cooperate with the magazine (is accredited in Verkhovna Rada committees) and other famous personalities.

What has been done since the start of cooperation:
rebranding from newspaper to magazine;
the bright presence of the magazine in the issuance of search engines;
social networks attracting new readers;
running social projects with useful tips for citizens of the country;
the company's Youtube channel is being conducted;
well-known people, politicians, representatives of show business, sports and business began to cooperate with the magazine;
circulation of the magazine increased to 63,000 copies.

Combining promotion tools and timely use of online promotion opportunities allowed us to quickly and thoroughly increase the scope of our activities. This is perfectly illustrated by the example of the business gloss Financoff, which turned to Amillidius, being a simple newspaper, and grew into one of the most authoritative and significant publications in Ukraine in its field.

You too can repeat their success. To do this, you need to contact the professionals of the marketing company Amillidius. The professional team of the company has repeatedly proved that it is able to perform its work at the highest level, quickly and efficiently.


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