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Financial Asset Management Training Project

Amillidius's work on the project
Center for Exchange Technologies


Among the main problems of the STOCK MARKET TECHNOLOGIES CENTER company are: stagnant negative, new attacks by competitors and negative to business, created by fraudsters in this field of activity (pyramid schemes, kitchen brokers and the like). In this regard, the quality of new personnel has fallen sharply, trust in the company from employees and customers has fallen, sales and profits have fallen.


The company "Stoke Market Technologies Center" began cooperation with Amillidius in 2016.
To restore the image, the team of our marketing company has developed a strategy for Stoke Market Technologies Center using effective digital marketing tools. Today, the Internet plays a significant role in shaping the reputation and success of a business. Do not ignore modern technology and let them play against you. For example, the fact that a user finds about a company by issuing search engines directly influences his decision making. And if negative reviews get into the TOP of the issue, then the company loses most of its potential customers at this stage.
Thanks to the marketing strategy from Amillidius, the number of customers of theStoke Market Technologies Center has increased several times.

7 months of working with Amillidius showed the following result:
the company's reputation has been restored - issued to Google;
a positive image was created (in particular, cooperation was established with major media outlets, such as Korrespondent, League of Business, Segodnya, Arguments and Facts of Ukraine, and others);
the influx of professional personnel has become better - a personnel reserve of up to 3 people has been formed;
there were “live” social networks attracting new customers;
financial literacy social projects have been launched, where people receive free advice on all business issues;
more than 400 videos about the life of the company, its employees, as well as reviews;
competent marketing actions were carried out, which increased the number of new customers by 7 times.

As you can see, the right approach allows you to deal with even complex cases. As, for example, in the financial sphere, where there were many ambiguous moments that undermined public confidence in the direction in general.
The company also had serious problems with reputation due to the actions of competitors. Unfortunately, in our time, black PR is used everywhere. Nevertheless, the marketing company Amillidius has achieved success in this area, removing and refuting all the fabricated negative.
Today, the Stoke Market Technologies Center is once again working steadily and developing, and its image and reputation is protected by experienced experts.


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