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Shooting various videos has become an integral part of any business. News, reviews, promo, advertising, animation, events and much more is covered through video clips, making the brand closer and more open to users. On this page you can familiarize yourself with our latest works in order to make sure that high-quality and bright videos are simply necessary for your company. The involvement of potential customers increases many times, if you are engaged in the production of video - it is worth starting today so that the number of customers grows tomorrow.

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Why making videos is usefulWhy making videos is useful

Why making videos
is useful

Many users today are in a fast rhythm of life, which means that they don’t have much time to sit and learn your website. In this case, a short but informative video will perform better than a thousand words. Of course, there remain those who like to familiarize themselves with all the materials, read detailed articles — other methods of promotion continue to work fine for them. But the creation of commercials is suitable in order to “hook” those who are always in a hurry.

Of course, the case is not ending on ads. Video content of any content is now in the course: it is visual, interesting, allows you to show more than you can pass through text and photos. Through video, there is a close acquaintance of potential customers with the brand, its activities, products. This contributes to a fairly rapid convergence and a positive attitude towards the company. Therefore, ordering videos today is at its peak.

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a tangible competitive advantage
first place in the results of search results
highest traffic to your website
positioning you as an industry leader
increasing company’s and brand awareness
creating a positive brand image



Becoming a master is a great pride, as well as getting into the rating “TOP 100. Pride of Ukraine. Men.” Evgeny Podolsky and Alexander Fedorchak participated in the shooting of the video. We want to note that Alexander is the first dan of karate-do.


In life situations, the negligence of doctors leads to tragedy. And the negligence of managers leads to the death of the business. We can boast that in our advertising “clinic” Amillidius, everyone is 100% healthy and with full bags of money. P.S. When shooting the video, not one Gucci portfolio was hurt.


Amillidius has shot a real action ad “Robbery” for a regular customer - “Financoff” magazine. To create a special acuteness of what is happening, the popular course of mixing objective and subjective photography was used. That is why the whole video is shot from the first person on the GoPro action camera. In the shooting took part: 3 professional Kiev stuntmen (filmed in a variety of domestic and foreign films, including the film “Liquidation”); 2 actors from the Ukrainian and Russian theaters; 2 police officers from the International Rescue Service (Police) 911; 1 professional mountain biker.


The company Amillidius has pleased with another commercial for another of its customers - the Center for Exchange Technologies. The idea originated in a dream. Inspired by the team shot the video on the same morning on the equipment available at hand. In the shooting were involved: - The most beautiful piece of bread from the cozy Odessa bakery - Delicate butter - Red caviar chum from the seller, proven over the years and Odessa restaurateurs - Chef butter knife - Odol Laser Laser Cutting Machine



The main topic for the ads video, of course, will be the brand and company of the customer, his products, services, or the person himself, if he is promoting himself. For example, public person, opinion leader etc. Choosing the type of video opens up a lot of room for fantasy.
The main thing is to always remember that you are shooting a video not for increasing sales, but for users who will provide these sales. Find out the interests and needs of your target audience, and then create the most attractive material for them. What is needed for this, we tell further.




Creating promotional videos and video shooting on different topics includes several stages and important points that affect the result.

Firstly, it is desirable to ensure close cooperation between the customer of the video with the performer. Since no one knows the company from the inside as well as its representatives. And without detailed information from the original source, it will be more difficult for a specialist to make a competent plan with themes for video.

Secondly, it is necessary to study the current market and the target audience of the client – what is being shot, what is popular among users. This is also taken into account when planning.

Then it’s needed to write a plot for the video, choose a place of shooting, the actors, work with sound, picture, post-production and everything related to it. The finished video is approved by the customer, after which it is sent for publication and promotion in the network.

Any video can be ordered in the Amillidius advertising company. We have modern technology, inexhaustible creativity and, of course, extensive experience in this field. We know exactly how to find the approach to your target audience directly through the video. Shooting commercials is especially in demand, but we also regularly receive orders for promotion on YouTube with shooting a variety of content for the channel. As you can see, the prospects are many. Choose what is right for you, and we will arrange everything in the best way.


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