The production studio “Amillidius” has completed the work on the new commercial short movie “The Incident at Wall Street hotel”. The movie budget amounts to 100 thousand euro.

The Incident at Wall Street hotel - a new movie by the production studio "Amillidius"

The producer of the movie and one of the co-scriptwriters is Elvira Gavrilova, the Amillidius CEO in Europe. She manages to bring together an incredible cast on the set. For one of the leading parts, Elvira invited the Hollywood star Eric Roberts, a many-times “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” nominee. The movie also features the young Ukrainian actor Bohdan Sheludiak, known to the audience by the TV show “The School”.

The producer Elvira Gavrilova invited the Hollywood star Eric Roberts to play in the movie

The film creators applied for the International Cannes Film Festival. This is the reason why the video and the plot of the movie are kept a secret for now.

On the set of the movie “The Incident at Wall Street hotel”